Introduction: Insurances

If a water pipe breaks in your house or apartment, it can mean big problems. That's because the water damage that occurs is usually quite expensive. So does that mean you now have to spend all your savings to repair the damage?

Insurance is one way to protect yourself against just such sudden accidents. If you had homeowners insurance before the pipe burst, the insurance company will pay you for a large portion of the damage. This way, the insurance company makes sure that you are not left with high costs.

The insurance company pays for the costs through the premiums that all members of the insurance company pay on a regular basis. The contributions are all collected in a large pot. This way, there is always enough money to pay out to those affected by an event such as water damage.

Of course, there are not only homeowners insurance policies. With the same model, you can also insure your car and even your health. There is an insurance policy that can be taken out for almost everything. But not all of them are worthwhile in the same way.

We show you the most important information about insurances, so you can find out which insurances are the most important and which you should definitely take out.