Introduction: Current Account

Exchanging cash is only one of many ways that money can go. Most other ways are through a current account.

A current account makes it possible to transfer and receive money. This means that in the vast majority of cases, your salary will be transferred to your current account. It also means that you can pay all your bills from your current account. This makes things easier because everything can be done from one place.

With the current account, you can even automate certain regular payments, such as rent. This way, the exact same amount of money is always transferred to a recipient at regular intervals that you set yourself. So you never have to wonder if you have paid the rent or the internet fees this month. This makes it easier for you to keep track of your expenses.

Opening a current account also gives you the opportunity to use a debit card or credit card. When you use a debit card, a transfer is immediately sent to the recipient. This is, for example, the store where you buy something with the card. Your account will be debited immediately when you pay with a debit card.

With a credit card, the account is only debited after a certain period of time. This usually happens at the beginning of the next month. The credit card has the advantage that you can immediately afford things for which you may lack the money. But you should always be careful! If you can not pay the owed amount when the time comes, then the money will be loaned to you by your bank. In return, however, the bank demands a part of the borrowed money as payment in the form of interest. This means that when you pay back the money, you pay more than the bank lent you. Because the interest on credit card debt is quite high, you should always be careful when using a credit card.

This still doesn't tell the whole story of what you can do with a current account. So you see, a current account is an important and powerful tool for managing money. To make it easier for you to take this big step towards your own financial independence, we'll help you open a current account and give you the information you need to make the most of the opportunities it offers.