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A mini project in North Rhine Westphalia, conducted by Europe Unlimited in November 2018, has shown that even simple, free training courses for migrants and former prisoners can be used to achieve successes with the topic "Basic economic training for European adults". According to this transnational project, the lack of knowledge on economic and financial matters should be counteracted. Interviews with teachers, career counselors, migrants' caregivers and prison officials prior to submitting the project application have shown that a need for targeted training and documents on economic and financial matters exists, as there are hardly any independent free offers for the target group in this respect.

The FINANZFIT collaboration of eight project partners has set the goal of developing innovative methods and tools to assist people with low qualifications in acquiring knowledge on economic and financial matters as well as key competences to strengthen basic skills in the fields of

1. Financial assets
2. Financing
3. Insurances
4. Liquidity
5. Current account
6. Retirement planning

The objective of the project partners is to work on these topics to make them understandable for the target group, low qualified persons, in the project partner countries. Experience has shown that people with lower qualifications in particular have lower incomes (compared to those with good professional training), so it is even more important to have the knowledge in order to make the right financial decisions. People who have experienced lower education often are difficult to motivate themselves for further education. In order to reach the uneducated clientele in the project regions, the project also addresses stakeholders such as career counselors, migrants' advisors, social workers, media and volunteer education initiatives.

The projects started on 1st September 2019, the duration is 30 months.