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The organization Europe Unlimited carried out a project in North Rhine-Westphalia in November 2018. They had a precise goal: Many people have little knowledge about economic and financial topics. The knowledge should be expanded.
Free trainings were created for the project. The trainings were for immigrants and former prisoners. The persons learned about economic and financial topics. Through the trainings, they were able to expand their knowledge.
Interviews were also conducted with several individuals. These included teachers, career counselors, and caregivers. The counselors worked with immigrants and prison staff.
The interviews provided clear results. There is a lot of interest in training and documentation on this. They should provide simple and understandable information about economic and financial issues. So far, there are no free trainings and documents for immigrants and former prisoners.
Today there is our project FinanzFit. There are eight partners working together in the project. They have a specific goal. They want to develop methods and working aids. With this, people with simple skills can be supported. They will be helped to get more knowledge about economic and financial topics.

It is about these topics:

1. Financial assets
2. Financing
3. Insurances
4. Liquidity
5. Current account
6. Retirement planning

The partners in the project prepare these topics. People with simple abilities should be able to understand them. It is important to be familiar with the topics. This can help to make correct economic and financial decisions.
People with simple abilities could be educated. But it is often difficult to motivate them. For this, the partners in the project need help. For this, they turn to professional and immigrant counselors, social workers, the media, and volunteer work groups for education.

The project FinanzFit has started on September 1, 2019. It lasts 30 months.