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Various activities are planned for the project.

A) Four intellectual products will be developed. They are called intellectual outputs (IO).

The first product is a foundation for digital learning. It is a platform. It can be accessed through the Internet.

The second product is a program for people with basic skills. It is a training program. The training is to enhance their skills for the job.

The third product is a training program for supervisors. They usually pass their knowledge to trainees or students. This is called pedagogical. The training is intended to enhance their pedagogical skills.

The fourth product is the development of a professional magazine. The magazine reports on certain topics. It is for people with simple skills.

B) All four products deal with the topics of
Saving and investing
Current account
Retirement planning
Collection of information with additional exercises



This product is about developing a digital learning platform. Through the platform, people with simple skills can get more knowledge about financial and economic topics. They can expand their knowledge in a playful way. The topics are listed under point B).
The platform is built on a website. It provides job aids, photos and videos for learning. The partners of the project use the platform for further education and training. Access via the Internet is free and always possible.

Responsible for this output: WHKT


With the second product, work groups are developed for people with simple skills. For several reasons, they are not able to continue their education. One reason is for example their origin. The workshops/teaching material are intended to support them in their further education. The topics covered are saving and investing, financing, insurance, liquidity, checking accounts and retirement planning. 

Responsible for this output: Europe Unlimited

3. Trainer's handbook (IO3)

This is where documents for teachers are developed. They can be used for seminars, for example. The documents can consist of working aids, further materials and guidelines. They are aimed at consultants, trainers and supervisors. Most often they work with people with simple skills. Through the documents, their skills and knowledge of economic issues can be improved.
The partners of the project live in different areas in Europe. There are already digital offerings and seminars on economic topics there. However, they are not suitable for people with simple skills.

Responsible for this output: SCVAP 

4. Finanzfit Magazine (IO4)

The fourth product is about creating a professional journal. The journal is called "Basic economic education for European adults". It is about economic topics. It is for adult people with simple skills. Through the magazine they can increase their knowledge about economic topics.
Two issues of the magazine have been published and are available both in print and digitally as a PDF file.

Responsible for this output: Mobilizing Expertise